New To The Church?

Our main goal is to be a congregation that represents the purposes that God, our Heavenly Father, set out for his people in His word. The main goal is to live out by faith the good news of our redemption through Jesus Christ. That good news is that Jesus came to redeem us from sin by willingly shedding his blood on the cross of Calvary as a sacrifice that satisfies the penalty for sin. Having believed that the sacrifice of Jesus for us is sufficient before God by faith alone, apart from any works, we also believe that God has granted us the gift of eternal life in His Son. Therefore, we are a redeemed people who are growing in the grace and knowledge of our lord Jesus Christ as we await His return.

Do we live out our faith perfectly? I’ll be honest, no. But we are growing and learning daily how to apply the principles that God lays out in His word for those who have experienced salvation through Jesus. If you would like, come join us on a Sunday morning. Attend one of our Sunday school classes for all ages, and join us for worship. Also, if you would like to give us a call or send us an email about a spiritual question you have, feel free to do so.

Blessings, Pastor Dale Dueck

Please feel free to contact one of our pastors or directors:
Pastor Dale Dueck, Senior Pastor
Pastor Loren Guenther, Pastor to Young Families
Pastor James Peters, Pastor of Congregational Care
Pastor Tim Goertzen, Youth Pastor
Carolyn Wiebe, Children’s Ministry Director