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“Empower the Teen in your life” – Free video series for Parents, Educators, Mentors”

Why a Gap Year? – Derek Melleby  – Thoughts on taking a year “off” after high school

Parental responsibility for shaping the ideas and ideals of the oncoming generation has priority

Ad FIltering Questions: Teach your kids to “think Christianly” about marketing.

A Parent’s Guide to Navigating Puberty – Walt Mueller

Identifying and dealing with Electronic Addictions – Walt Mueller

Quantity Time – 1 Min Audio

Russel Brand on Pornography

Social Media Abuse, and thoughts on interacting with your kids about it – Robin Erb

Sexual Integrity Initiative – CPYU

What about teens who don’t have smartphones? – Anna North


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Center for Parent/Youth Understanding


Book Recommendations:

A Parent’s Guide To Helping Teenagers in Crisis  – By Rich Van Pelt and Jim Hancock

Hurt 2.0: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers – By Chap Clark

99 Thoughts for parents of teenagers: The Truth on raising teenagers from parents who have been there

A Parent’s guide to understanding social media

Accept Nothing Less – By Jim Burns – A book on a Godly approach to all things related to sexuality