Facility Use Policy

General Principles

In planning for and conducting weddings, the biblical teaching of the church should be observed:

  1. It is the “House of the Lord” (Psalm 135.2);
  2. It is the “House of Prayer” (Luke 19:45);
  3. It is the “House of Worship” (Jeremiah 26:2).

The nature of the services should be kept consistent with the purpose of the Lord’s house.

Specific Policies

  1. The attire shall be becoming and appropriate for a church service.
  2. The furniture may not be moved without the caretaker’s permission. (Check with pastor if caretaker is not available).
  3. The church instruments are to be played by musicians only, not tampered with by children.
  4. Set-up is to be arranged with custodial staff.
  5. Children are not permitted to run uncontrolled or make undue noise in the church building.
  6. NO SMOKING is permitted in the church OR on its immediate premises.
  7. Proper care should be taken of the kitchen facilities and equipment. You are responsible for supplying your own containers for leftovers.
  8. It is requested that no alcoholic beverages be served.
  9. Applicants must read the EMMC Statement of Faith and Facility Use Policy and must agree to abide by them.
  10. The rental application must be approved by the Winkler EMM Church before confirmation of the rental will be given.
  11. All couples wishing to make arrangements for rentals are required to call the church office secretary at 325-7667.

General Information

  • Seating in Sanctuary – 1,000
  • Seating in the Fellowship Hall with stage area:
    360 (45 tables with 8 per table)
    405 (45 tables with 9 per table)
    If you are serving buffet style, there will be less seating.
  • The fellowship hall only may be used for food service.
  • Rental is on a first come, first served basis.


Jake Thiessen (325-9128 or 361-6803)