Mission Statement

We exist:
People in meaningful relationships
Transformation of lives into the image of Christ
The world around us
Our Core Values

Christian faith depends on relationships, the foremost of which is our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The death of Jesus on our behalf satisfies the demands of a holy God concerning sin.
By believing on Jesus we receive forgiveness for our sin and enter into a brand new relationship with God as our Father.
When we become believers, God places us into His family, uniquely identified as the church, the body of Christ. No believer can exist apart from Christ and apart from the body designed by God to express His presence in the world.
We value meaningful relationships founded on our commitment to Christ and through Him to each other. We are, therefore, intentional about seeking ways to connect.

The body of Christ is built on relationships. We will seek to provide an environment that will encourage transformation of character and behavior to be more like Christ.
God’s goal for His family is to be His witnesses, to demonstrate what caring and reconciliation look like in human flesh.
We fulfill this goal by learning how to live together under His direction and by His Spirit. Worship, education, service, and discipleship are important disciplines to encourage us to maturity.
We are, therefore, intentional about how our ministries will encourage the transformation of our character to be like Christ.

The ultimate goal of our relationships is that of being a witness for Christ in our world.
We believe that God wants us to make an impact for Him. We will make this impact as we reach out into our community, by caring for God’s creation and by missional ministries.
We want to obey God’s call to go to the world around us and therefore are intentional about keeping an emphasis on missions, that of reaching others for Christ.