Church History

The Winkler EMM Church, known earlier as the Rudnerweider Kirche, had its beginning in 1937 in a small church building purchased from the Sommerfelder Church. It was located half a mile north of Winkler in a district called Rosenbach. There were about 40 members to begin with. For five years the congregation worshipped in this small church.

In 1942 this church was moved to Winkler, to the corner of 3rd St. and Stanley, in order to accommodate more people and reach into the town and community. It was during this time that Bible studies and prayer meetings were begun. These were enthusiastically attended by the whole family, young and old alike. Also, they started a Sunday School, choir, and Sunday evening services (Jugenverein) through which many, especially the younger people, came to know and serve the Lord.

In 10 years this building was no longer adequate and consequently in 1953 a new and larger building was constructed for just under $40,000. The new building would seat 300-350 people in the main sanctuary, including the balcony. Rev. I.P.F. Friesen was the leading minister from its beginning until 1969, when Rev. Ben. D. Wiebe was elected.

In 1974 another building project was completed which was an addition to the east end. It resulted in a much larger entrance and foyer, more sanctuary and Sunday School room. The cost of this project was approximately $53,000.

In 1982 the membership was about 397, Sunday School attendance was just under 300 and Sunday morning worship attendance was 430. The facilities were again overcrowded. This led to the decision in 1983 to relocate and build a new sanctuary on our present location at a cost of $804,000., not including the land price. In December 1984, the new building was ready and the move was made. By 1987 the facilities once again were too small and the decision was made to move to a dual service format. Our present membership stands at approximately 590, with an average attendance between 550-650 on a Sunday morning. Many have contributed to the conception, growth, and outreach of this church, and we are grateful for each member’s involvement. Your prayer support and involvement will be greatly appreciated and is necessary for the future growth of the church.

The Winkler EMM Church Mission Statement (2010):
      We exist to Connect People in meaningful relationships.
      We exist to Encourage Transformation of lives into the image of Christ.
      We exist to Impact the World around us.

We feel that these three priorities identify us and therefore they become keys in determining what we do and how the various ministries of the Winkler EMM Church contribute to the fulfilling of our mission.